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Nappy Care

Caring For Your Nappies

Using and caring for cloth nappies is very easy.

Keep dirty/wet nappies in a mesh bag within a nappy bucket (no need to soak), or in a large wetbag.
When the bucket/bag is full put the whole bag of nappies in the washing machine.
Do a cold rinse followed by a wash at 40/60 degrees with your usual amount of detergent - powder is recommended. Don't add fabric softener or use liquid detergent. (Do check the manufacturer's guidelines on washing so as not to invalidate any warranties.)
Finally do another cold rinse.
Dry the nappies on a washing line or clothes horse.  Most makes can be tumble dried on a very low heat if needed but is not recommended regularly.
Sunshine is very good at removing stains so drying on a line in the summer is great.