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Flip Cover

Flip CoverFrom:  £10.49


A waterproof shell for Flip inserts, or as a nappy wrap.

TotsBots Bamboozle Stretch - Size 1 & 3

TotsBots Bamboozle Stretch - Size 1 & 3From:  £9.74


Bombproof, really absorbent, soft. This is an awesome nappy and will last the night no problem with the addition of an extra booster.

TotsBots Teenyfit Star

TotsBots Teenyfit Star£11.99   £8.99

A tiny new Star is born! The newest version of the Teenyfit - Teenyfit Star!

Flip Day Organic Insert

Flip Day Organic Insert£7.50   £5.63


An organic cotton insert for daytime use with a Flip cover.

bumGenius Big - One Size Pocket Nappy

bumGenius Big - One Size Pocket Nappy£24.99   £18.74


A new one size pocket nappy from bumGenius to fit sizes 35-70lbs.

bumGenius Nappy Refresher Kit

bumGenius Nappy Refresher Kit£1.50   £1.13


A refresher kit for replacing elastics in your BG nappies.