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Monkey Foot - Medium Wet Bag

Monkey Foot - Medium Wet Bag
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Monkey Foot

This medium, stylish wet bag measures 11"X14" and is the perfect size for approx 4-6 cloth nappies (depending) and wipes, dirty/wet clothing for example.

So... what is a wet bag?

It is a super functional bag featuring a sturdy zipper closure with a LONG zipper pull, gorgeous boutique quality cotton on the outside, and a waterproof ProCare lining (ProCare is a fabric that is machine washable and dryable and is known for its high duty barrier protection- it is used widely in the medical and reuseable nappy fields).

  • Inner and outer layers are sewn separately to avoid wicking
  • Bags feature a ~ 12" long (6" when folded) strap with a snap at the end - perfect for hanging on your stroller or attaching to another bag!
  • ProCare lining seams are sealed to provide even more "wet proofing"! Most other wet bags are just stitched together - the holes created when stitching can cause wicking / leaking if you carry a water-logged item. Monkey Foot double-stitch and zig-zag the seams, and also seal the seams to prevent water from reaching the sewn areas.
  • Medium bag; this size (11" x 14") is great for dirty children's clothes/bibs/burp cloths and for trips out of the house when you'll need to bring 4-6 cloth nappies.

Laundering and Care: Just throw the bag in with your dirty laundry (be sure to turn it inside out to make sure the soiled areas get cleaned). You can machine dry the bags, but the ProCare will last longer if you hang dry. The fabric outside can be ironed on high / cotton - do not iron the ProCare lining.

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