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Boosters and Inserts

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Little Lamb Bamboo Booster Triple Thickness

Little Lamb Bamboo Booster Triple Thickness£1.80


An extra layer on these boosters provides extra absorbency.

Little Lamb Bamboo Booster/Insert

Little Lamb Bamboo Booster/Insert£1.20


A slim, absorbent booster for use in any nappy system.

Close Pop-In Night Time Booster

Close Pop-In Night Time Booster£4.20


The Pop-in night-time nappy booster.

Bambino Mio Mioboost - 3 Pack

Bambino Mio Mioboost - 3 Pack£6.79

A pack of 3 nappy boosters from Bambino Mio.

Charlie Banana Hemp Insert

Charlie Banana Hemp InsertFrom:  £3.65

A single hemp insert - for use where extra absorbency is needed.

Close Pop-In General Booster

Close Pop-In General Booster£2.85


The Pop-in general nappy boosters are super thirsty little boosters.